jane cross counselling

It can be nerve-wracking when thinking about making the first step into counselling, but please know that I am here to support, offer empathy and a non-judgemental ear to really hear you. Sometimes it can feel like you’re totally alone and having to deal with everything which is locked up inside and eating away at you. You don’t have to go it alone. This is not the end of your story, just the beginning. Together we will work towards a process of acceptance and a space to rebuild your confidence and self-belief. I will be alongside you, listening and supporting.

I invite people from any background and circumstances to share with me their sometimes complex feelings and difficult experiences.

I work online and on the telephone across London, the UK and internationally.

About Me

I am a fully qualified and experienced counsellor, offering person-centred counselling across the UK and internationally.

Counselling Services

My services are aimed at people experiencing issues in various aspects of their life.

Mother Daughter Coaching

I work towards healing and reconnecting.

Contact Me

If you are ready to begin your counselling journey, please get in touch.